Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Succes Organizers available all year round? 
Theoretically, the inserts are on sale all year round. In addition to the Classic Collection of covers that are always available, Succes also offers an Excellence Collection. These stylish Excellence covers are redesigned every year and issued in limited editions. For this reason, such a unique cover will be available for only a certain length of time.


How should I treat the leather part of my organizer? 
Actually, you don't have to give the leather any special care. This is because the contact it receives from your own hands provides it with natural oils. This way, the leather remains in good condition. If you still feel the need to use a conditioning product, the kind you use will depend on the kind of leather. Try applying a product first to a small corner on the inside of your organiser.


On which day does a week begin? 
According to international agreements, a calendar week Always begins on a Monday.

Why doesn't my entire insert fit into the ring mechanism? 
Succes Organizer covers offer a variety of widths when it comes to ring mechanisms: narrow, wide or extra-wide. A wide ring mechanism will always accommodate the 7-day calendar with a weekly overview on two pages. Because the narrower version is so compact, it won't always accommodate an entire year. But because of its loose-leaf system, you can always take along exactly what you need in your organizer.


Why is a Succes Organizer sometimes more expensive than other organizers?
Succes uses only top-quality materials. Both the paper and the leather are of the highest quality. The covers are still completely handmade. And the finishing done by Succes is much better that what is done by other brands. Examples are that the stitching is outlined and the corners are pleated by hand. Real quality, however, shows up after years of use. Inexpensive organisers just don't last, while Succes will give you many years of pleasure. Little wonder, then, that Succes can give a 10 year guarantee!

Will electronic organizers ever replace the paper ones?
Electronic organizers are very convenient for keeping track of lots of data. A paper organizer, however, is still handier as far as speed is concerned. But maybe the most important difference is that a beautiful leather organizer is much more personal than a plastic device. With the pages filled in your own handwriting and the cover you've had in your hands over the years, no two organizers are the same. This is why most people will probably keep on using a paper organizer, especially for their non-professional schedule.

How can i order products in a gift wrap for free?
During December your order can be sent in a free gift wrap, when ordering for €20 or more. You will have to select the gift wrap option for the individual products in the Shopping Cart screen.