Over Succes

Succes is best-known for her loose-leafed organizers, ranging in style from classic to trendy. But Succes is much more! Nowadays the Succes collection not only includes organizers and their contents, but also a wide range of leather goods, from bags to writing cases and wallets.

The Succes collection consists of several lines, each with its own appearance.
  • Classic
    The Classic line is an integral part of our collection. This timeless line with many models in various materials runs from simple to very luxurious and will remain available for years.
  • Excellence
    The Excellence line is composed of contemporary annually varying models made of fashionable materials. These models are very exclusive since only a limited print run will be made.
  • Designer Specials
    For the Designers Special line Success worked together with a large number of Dutch designers. Take a look at the collections designed by Fred de la Bretonière or Floris van Bommel and be surprised. In addition, Success is ´Crystallized Dealer´ for Swarovski. A unique collection has been created from this collaboration.
  • NewMe
    The youngest line of Success is NewMe. NewMe stands for hip, trendy agendas,bags and accessories in a yearly changing collection. They are made of modern materials and often designed by promising young designers.