From the leather, the Succes collection is made. Like the tanning process, this, too, is always done according to traditional methods. Each cover Succes makes, for example, is produced entirely by hand in no fewer than 50 and sometimes as many as 80 steps!
Succes checks every hide, one by one, in Italy before delivery. Hereinafter comes one of the most important steps: the cutting. As efficiently as possible a craftsman cuts around any existing scars. All the cut parts have to agree with one another in terms of grain. This is quite a puzzle since even a single hide exhibits lots of variation.
The thickness of the various parts has to satisfy exact measurements, so the craftsmen make some parts thinner in certain places. This way, the edges can be stitched more beautifully. T hey carefully co-ordinate the relationship between the inside and the outside of each organizer so that the cover lies in the right position whether open or closed.

The typical small rounded corners of a Succes Organizer are pleated by hand. After the cover is fully lined with silk and put together, borderlines are drawn along the perfectly straight, evenly placed stitching with a heated chisel. Once a ring mechanism of the highest quality has been attached, the entire product is given yet another complete check before sending the organizer to the shop.

Everyone will look after their Succes product in their own personal way. Some will try to keep their product as new from the first day they use it. Others prefer to see it mature with age with worn patches that are treasured as reminders of a certain period rather than polished out. Everyone enjoys their own personal Succes, travelling the same route as its owner wherever they go.
Succes offers you 10 years guarantee on manufacturing defects!