Succes has a history that goes back more than 80 years. Find out below how it all started.

In 1928 the first monthly magazine for the businessman called Succes was published; ‘Hollands Efficiency Monthly’, a magazine for small and medium-sized enterprises. It started small, but soon grew into one of the most successful magazines in the Netherlands! Each month articles were featured on the most diverse aspects of the business, such as ‘Sales Engineering, Sales Politics, Business efficiency outside the industry, advertising knowledge, personal efficiency’. All this was alternated with photos, drawings, cartoons, commercials and sections such as 'New' in which new products were discussed on the domestic or foreign market which the businessman could use to his advantage.

Soon books and courses were also issued to support doing business. In 1932 the first edition of the Succes Agenda was published, one of the first loose-leaf calendars in the world. Within a few years Succes Agenda’s also had success at international level thanks to its quality. The Succes Agenda still exists in the course of time, though, the publishing house has been sold and the courses have been taken out of production.

Today Succes still issues the paper contents in various formats and in different languages and is dominant on the Dutch market. Activities are being undertaken to gain more market share internationally. In addition to the contents, Succes produces agenda covers, business bags and small leather goods. These articles are still totally hand made to the ensure the desired quality.

For the entire range Succes uses the highest quality standards, reflected in 10-year warranty on material errors. If you want to know more about the materials we use and how products are made, please read the information under ‘Product Info’.