Special offer for American Express Card holders!

American Express and Succes have an incredible offer for you: Succes organizers for two thirds of the original price, when paid with American Express Credit Card!

You can chose between the following models:
  • Coralez: Cowhide; 100% vegetal tanning with a modern crease effect (in black)
  • Mumbia: Calfskin leather with plaid effect. Interior in smooth calfskin leather (in black or brown)
Available sizes

The Coralez and the Mumbia are available in the following sizes:

The professional organizer for on your desk, but also handy-sized to carry with you. Page size 148x210mm.

A nice size organizer with all the space for your meetings. Page size 95x150mm.

The mostly sold organizer size with the ideal balance between ease of use and handyness. Page size 80x125mm.

A very compact sized organizer that fits even in the smallest handbag or pocket. Page size 67x104mm.

Click here to see the special offer models Coralez and Mumbia!