Succes Collection 2013

We are immensely proud to present the new " Succes Collection 2013".

A collection of high quality products, created by craftsmen in traditional fashion from beautiful, natural materials. Stylish and classic, perfect for today's lifestyle. Succes is offering an ever increasing range of leather products, such as purses, wallets, travel documents and passport-covers, as well as brief-cases and handbags, both for business and for personal use. These products now form a substantial part of the Succes collection. Also iPad and iPhone covers are now part of our collection. And all of them in addition to our renowned organizer!

Succes and sustainability

Apart from ensuring absolute top quality, we aim to offer a Succes Collection, made from natural materials in an environmentally friendly manner. At Succes, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are most important elements within our product development activity. We take into consideration the impact of our activities on the environment and on people, both within and outside our company. Our aim is to strike a balance between our business management and current social issues in general.

Our wish for sustainability is also reflected in our choice of paper. With effect from the 2012 edition, the Succes diary contents will be produced from officially FSCTM certified types of paper.

The leather used for the Succes collection is of the highest quality only. Durable and strong, preferably vegetable-tanned, and made into unique designs.Leather the way leather is meant to be!


The new Succes collection ..... an abundent heritage of quality, design and durability.

Succes - enjoyment for many years to come!